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Every one of our reviewers has a certificate from this Data Analytics Certificate Program on their LinkedIn profiles, and they’re now working in Data Analytics roles! 

You can *actually* find them on LinkedIn to verify that they have certificates from this course, they work in data analytics now, and they used to work in completely different jobs. 

We brought the receipts! 

Julie Cody
How Julie went from $18/hr as a bank teller to $76k as a fully remote data analyst

Julie was working as a teller at a credit union. “I was making like $18 an hour and I really hated my life.” Like most people after the pandemic, she didn’t want to be working an in-person job anymore. “I really wanted to be work from home so badly.” So she started researching how she could get a remote job without a degree. 

“That’s when I found Charlotte on TikTok.” 

Julie enrolled in the Data Analytics Certificate Program, finished it within 4 weeks, and landed a $72k fully remote data analytics job with unlimited PTO! After just a few months on the job, she’s already gotten a raise to $76k. 

When she’s not on the clock as a data analyst, she runs her TikTok page @julesxtechgirl where she teaches others how to Break Into Tech by learning data analytics online just like she did.

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Julie’s Day In the Life
@julesxtechgirl Realisitic Day In My Life as a 23 year old data analyst who works from home. Not too much going on but I still love my relaxed days. #wfhlife #realisitcmorning #morningroutine #dayinmylife #wfhcheck #workfromhome #wfhjobs #dataanalyst #dayinmylifevlog ♬ all of the girls youve loved before high note - neelu🧸

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