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Average Rating: 4.82
Constance Ruscher
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I completed this course and loved the way Charlotte teaches not only the skills you need to do the job but also how to build your portfolio and what it’s like when you do get a job in SQL! Thanks for making this course!
Shannon Ryan
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This course was even more than I could have expected! I feel knowledgeable and confident in these new skills thanks to Charlotte.
Ngelah Angafor
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This program has been life changing to me as I got in without a clue in data visualization. Had gone through a few SQL courses on Khan Academy prior to taking the course. I will definitely choose this course over any other and recommend to anyone who wishes to study Data Analytics. Thanks Charlotte, it was an awesome ride.
Alex Nyaga
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Charlotte Chaze's Data Analytics Certificate course at Break Into Tech was incredibly transformative. Through this program, I gained invaluable skills in data cleaning, ETL, SQL querying, and analytics, as well as Tableau visualization and dashboarding. The projects in my SQL and Tableau portfolios allowed me to practice and showcase these skills, making me confident in my ability to take on complex data challenges. Charlotte's expertise and guidance were essential to my success, and I'm grateful for the amazing support from the Break Into Tech community. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to take their data analytics skills to the next level.
Brianna Martin
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When I saw Charlotte's videos on Instagram and TikTok, I got excited. I thought to myself, "Here is a genuine person who cares to share knowledge and skills with others who want to move up in their careers." I took the plunge, head first and I am so glad that I did. The skills that I have now will only fuel growth in my career ahead. Thank you again, Charlotte! You are changing peoples' lives significantly, for the better.
Shelby Noll
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I really loved this program. When I was finished I was confident enough to talk about my new skills and was ready to apply for jobs. Through my current network, I was offered a consulting contract right away! I know there is still a lot more for me to learn, but I feel confident enough to use the skills I already have to know where to look to find solutions for the things I don't know.
Austin Fielding
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If you are on the fence, do it! 🙂 I doubled my annual income in just a few months.
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Great course! One step closer to getting into Tech with this certification.
Lauren Kohler
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I liked the step-by-step building of our portfolios.
Nicole Skudin
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Video and explanations were very helpful. The ease of the course was very nice.
Chelsea Rietschy
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I love the structure of the course, everything was easy to follow and all of the step-by-step projects (with room for personal practice) helped build my confidence with these skills. The bonus of having full portfolios by the end was what really sold me on the course in the first place.
Justin Bailey
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I could learn at my own pace. I had some delays getting started, but had all the time I needed to pick it back up and be successful. I think the program is great.
Lauren Groombridge
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The SQL section was so thorough and the guidance was excellent. The inclusion of troubleshooting and getting things set up was also really helpful! Also the fact you do projects as you go along is great.
Donovan Chambers
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I liked the SQL code with written explanations of what each line of code was doing, and the screen capture videos with step by step guides for Tableau.
Veronica Martinez
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I loved how you showed us a video explaining what to expect and showed us your screen. There were good examples and then we would try on our own. Very helpful!
Samarkand Bernard
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The directions were clear and concise, I was not drowned in a ton of information.
Deborah Kuperman
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Easy to follow instructions and everything is relevant!
Elizabeth Plante
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I liked how hands on the projects were. I didn't learn SQL by reading about it, I was doing it!

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Real Data Analytics jobs landed

These testimonials are sent in from people who have their certificate from our Data Analytics Certificate Program on their LinkedIn profiles and they’re now working in Data Analytics roles. That way, you can independently verify that they took our course, they work in data analytics now, and they used to work in completely different jobs. 

Julie Cody
How Julie went from $18/hr as a bank teller to $76k as a fully remote data analyst

Julie was working as a teller at a credit union. “I was making like $18 an hour and I really hated my life.” Like most people after the pandemic, she didn’t want to be working an in-person job anymore. “I really wanted to be work from home so badly.” So she started researching how she could get a remote job without a degree. 

“That’s when I found Charlotte on TikTok.” 

Julie enrolled in the Data Analytics Certificate Program, finished it within 4 weeks, and landed a $72k fully remote data analytics job with unlimited PTO! After just a few months on the job, she’s already gotten a raise to $76k. 

When she’s not on the clock as a data analyst, she runs her TikTok page @julesxtechgirl where she teaches others how to Break Into Tech by learning data analytics online just like she did.

Julie’s Socials
Julie’s Day In the Life
@julesxtechgirl Realisitic Day In My Life as a 23 year old data analyst who works from home. Not too much going on but I still love my relaxed days. #wfhlife #realisitcmorning #morningroutine #dayinmylife #wfhcheck #workfromhome #wfhjobs #dataanalyst #dayinmylifevlog ♬ all of the girls youve loved before high note - neelu🧸

Celebrations of Success

Many students post in our Break Into Tech Discord community or reach out directly when they land jobs. Check it out! 

Charlotte posts these stories and more on Instagram daily. Follow along here: