Break Into Tech

Free Data Analytics Course

with Charlotte Chaze

Free Break Into Tech Data Analysis Course. Your analytics mentor Charlotte Chaze for course careers. How to get a job in tech entry level

Learn Data Analytics
for Free



Free Course Curriculum

  • Learn how to analyze data with SQL
  • Learn how to visualize data with Tableau
  • Create your own real portfolio
  • Use our resume template and tips to update your resume for data analytics positions
  • Update your LinkedIn to look professional
  • Optimize your LinkedIn so recruiters will start reaching out to you 
  • Use our salary guide to understand what range to aim for so you can negotiate for the best possible salary

Our Free Course &
Our Certificate Course

The free course and the paid course are two completely different things

The free course is a list of free resources you can use to learn on your own, and the paid course is a standalone complete guide to learning data analytics with video instruction, real data analytics software downloads, and real guided projects. The paid course was entirely created by Charlotte Chaze, including all the projects that you’ll do within it. 

Both courses are for complete beginners, so if you know you’ll want guidance, it will be easier to start learning with Charlotte’s video instruction in the Certificate Course. Here’s a comparison: 

Data Analytics Free Course and Certificate Course Comparison

How do I Choose Which Course is Right for Me?

If you want to learn data analysis skills for free and just need to be pointed towards the right resources, start with our free data analytics course. If you know you’ll need step by step guidance, you’ll be more successful with the Data Analytics Certificate CourseBoth are for complete beginners! 

Watch the video to learn more about the two options:


Why do you have a free course and a paid course?

1. Learning Styles

Some people need guidance and accountability, and others excel when they’re simply pointed in the right direction. Whatever works best for you is the best way to learn! Our goal is to help as many people as possible break into tech, so we made something for everyone. 

2. Access

Everyone deserves the chance at a better life. You deserve access whether you can invest in a paid course or not!