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Hey, I'm Charlotte Chaze

I went from a $28k salary as an academic researcher to a $158k salary as a data analyst in less than 4 years, and I want to teach you how to do it too!

Data Analytics Course by Charlotte Chaze - My Story

My Story

As one of TikTok’s leading tech influencers, my entire TikTok is full of free information detailing how to get started in Data Analytics. I’ve also created a free data analytics course for anyone who needs minimal guidance to get started on your own.

Why? Because before I learned data analytics online, I had no idea where to start, I wasn’t sure I’d be capable, and I didn’t know if it would lead anywhere. All I knew was that I needed to leave my job doing academic research for something that would pay more with a better work/life balance and less stress. It took me longer to change careers than it should have because I didn’t know where to find the right resources. Now that I have it figured out, I’m sharing it with anyone else who wants to do what I did! 

My Data Analytics Certificate Program was designed for people who want detailed, step-by-step guidance to learn everything you need to land a Data Analytics job. My screenshares, walkthroughs, portfolio building, and hands-on SQL practice problems ensure you’re ready for a career in Data Analytics.

I believe we all deserve a career that pays us enough not just to survive but to thrive. All of my resources (free or paid) were designed to help you break into tech with Data Analytics so you can make the salary you deserve, achieve work/life balance, and work from home (if that’s what you want).

Let’s do this!

~ Charlotte


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